Fix papercut.8bf Error - Windows Error Fix Instructions

papercut.8bf information

This file is a dynamic-link library that commonly installed in the Windows operating system and contributes its special features and functions, which can offer the effective and convenient services for the use of computer, but it is also the one general cause of errors on the system, which require the user to fix it as quickly as possible.

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  • 1.Basic knowledge of DLL
  • 2.General problems with DLL files
  • 3.papercut.8bf error problems
  • 4.What cause the error
  • 5.Consequences of having the problem
  • 6.Instructions to fix the error

Basic knowledge of DLL

Dynamic-link library, usually short for DLL, is Microsoft's implementation of the shared library concept in the Windows operating system, it is indispensable for the operation of Windows system and installed programs on the computer, and help to promote promote modularization of code, efficient memory usage, save disk space and code reuse. In short, many DLL files play the important role for enabling the system and installed application run smoothly and effectively, so they cannot be moderated, disabled or removed randomly.

General problems with DLL files

Although these DLL files make great contribution to the computer operation, they are also very sensitive and vulnerable that easily come across some troubles and problems, such as:

  • To be moderated by the malicious virus or manual mistake
  • To be disabled by the newly installed application
  • To be removed by the mis-operation
  • To be out-of-date on the system

papercut.8bf error problems

"The File Not Found"
"XUL.DLL is not valid without reinstall"
"Cannot find [PATH]\"
"The file psapi.dll is missing."
"This application failed to start because papercut.8bf was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"
"Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: Please install [APPLICATION] again"

When you receive the similar error messages, the papercut.8bf must encounter some problems and fail to be loaded and processed by the PC, in this situation, you need to take measures to fix the error with effective solution.

What cause the papercut.8bf error

  • Malicious program and virus infections
  • The newly installed application is not compatible with the file or Windows system
  • Outdated Windows system and drivers issues
  • File is mistakenly removed on the PC
  • Improper removal of the program
  • File redundancy issue
  • System and registry errors

Consequences of having the problem

It must be inconvenient and ineffective to use the computer if the papercut.8bf error cannot be resolved in times. The computer operation will firstly become much slower, and you will constantly receive the error messages, in additional, other system problems and registry issues will also be triggered, thus, you will have to fix more and more problems in the future, the computer will also be very difficult to use. Therefore, you should take the instant actions to fix the error.

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Instructions to fix papercut.8bf error

Re-register the DLL file on Windows system

Generally, the DLL file should be registered and loaded automatically by the application, but there is a case that the file may not be registered correctly, to fix this error, you should make use of the Microsoft Register Server to register the file again on the Windows system.

1.Click to open Start menu > select “Run”

2.Type “cmd” on box > press Enter

3.Type “regsvr_papercut.8bf ” in the black screen > press Enter

If you encounter a file which cannot register on the PC in the future, you can take this method to solve the problem well.

Manually replace the file on the its install folder

Another way to help you fix the specific error is to replace the file itself on the installed folder, in this way, one can avoid corrupted or invalid issue, and refresh the file on the Windows system, but please remember to register the new file on the system after installation.

1.Download a new papercut.8bf file or copy from another computer

2.Open and go to the directory, find the current file and rename it for backup

  • Windows 95/98/Me= C:\Windows\System32\
  • Windows NT/2000= C:\Windows\System32\
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8= C:\Windows\System32\
  • 64-bit Windows= C:\Windows\System32\

3.Copy and paste the new file to the same place, and back to the desktop

4.Register the file again with the above instruction, and restart the computer system

Restore the system to a previous state

Windows system contains a wise feature of allowing the user go back to the previous state of the computer system, in this way, people can go back to the state that the computer does not encounter this error issue, which is also a good way to fix papercut.8bf error well.

Steps to restore the system to the previous state in Windows 8

1.Click on “This PC”, click “Computer” on the top, and System properties

2.Select “System protection”, and click “System Restore...”

3.Select a previous state you want to revert, and click to start the system restore

If you encounter any other problem which don’t know how to fix it, you can also use this method to resolve it for a try.

Perform a virus scan and removal

Windows system and drivers getting out-of-date is one of the most common causes for the inefficient performance of computer and installed application, including affecting to process the file. Therefore, to make sure the stability and effective usage of various files on the PC, and fix papercut.8bf error as well, the Windows system and drivers update should be instantly installed on the computer. Moreover, you can choose to installed the optional update on your PC as well:

1.Click on Start button, then All Programs, choose Windows Update

2.Click to check for updates, select to install the one you need on the PC

3.Enter your administrator password if it is used for confirmation

Repair registry issues to fix papercut.8bf error

Besides, there is another way which is highly suggested to fix the error, which is much easier to handle for most of the common users --- using a good registry error repairer. Registry database is a place that frequently used by the computer system but often cause the DLL issues unexpectedly, in this case, we should have a method to handle this issue and ensure the stable and effective performance of Windows system. Currently, the most effective way to repair registry errors must locate on a professional registry error repairer, so it is recommended to employ such a good software, and perform a scan and fix for all of registry issues occurring on the PC. The friendly-design interface and effective repair will help the people to get rid of the complex registry problems easily and quickly, so the common users also can fix it easily without any difficulty and risk.

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Other feasible suggestions:

As there are many possible reasons of encountering the error, the proper solutions will be also various. Applying the Windows System File Checker, uninstall or reinstall the associated program might also help you to fix papercut.8bf error for good But the most important is you can make clear what’s the problem with your PC, and what’s the real cause of